Cama White Laptop Sleeve


The recycled cement paper sleeves are made in South Africa by Wendren Setzer and her team. The former textile designer resigned her job to fulfill her design ideas and to apply a more innovative approach to product development.

How they are made: First they collect the brown paper from a local packaging factory. This is then screen printed with a certain design.  The printed paper is then fused to a special cotton to make it strong enough to stitch. At the end the sleeve is sprayed with Nano Liquid Glass to be water resistant.

There is a pocket-sleeve tucked under the flap, in front of the main pocket, to give you a place for cables, papers or your stylus. The sleeve closes with two magnets that wont damage your device.


11″ (32 x 22 x 2.8cm)

12″ (31 x 21.5 x 2.8cm)

12.9″ (33 x 23.5 x 2.8cm)

13″ (34 x 24.5 x 2.8cm)

15″ (39 x 28 x 2.8cm)