Basotho Blanket – Morena


Basotho Blankets are unique to the Kingdom of Lesotho and were first produced in the early 19th century to replace the traditionally worn animal skin kaross. At the time, they were described by King Moshoeshoe I as ‘a handsome railway wrapper made of light blue pilot cloth, heavy and hairy’. The various designs of the blankets have continuously adapted and evolved with time but have always remained rich in symbolism, color, pattern and texture.

The Basotho Blanket – Morena  – Arrows straight to the heart!

‘Seana Marena’ means ‘chiefs blanket’ or “to swear by the king”. This blanket was exclusively for the king and chiefs and has the most status of all Basotho blankets. Lately the  Seana Morena has been noticed at initiation ceremonies for the sons of the affluent.  The wives of the king and chiefs also wear this blanket. From  the beginning, the trade purposefully manufactured only a certain number per year, which increased people’s desire to possess such a blanket. When 2 people marry in a traditional wedding, the groom will give 11 cows to the father of the bride, and the father of the bride will give a seana marena to the groom. This seana marena is to be shared between the bride and groom throughout their married life.


How to use them: Ideal at the end of your bed, on a couch, as a picnic blanket or even to wear.

Cleaning Instruction: Dryclean is recommended but they have been cold hand washed in Lesotho for generations.

Materials: 50 % wool and 50 % dralon acrylic woven on Jacquard loom with a very soft touch.

Dimensions:  155 cm x  165 cm

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