Myang is a proudly South African company, producing a range of delightful baby shoes, fashion accessories and soft toys. The products, known for their strong sense of fun and design, are aimed at boys and girls aged from birth to 24 months. They are designed and manufactured by an all-woman team, in Port Elizabeth, an area known for its poverty and high unemployment. Myang was founded by Sarah Massey-Hicks, a talented designer who started making children’s shoes in her mom’s garage with the help of 2 part-time seamstresses. Her designs, radiating a strong sense of fun and unique style, caught the attention of Margi Sheard, a seasoned entrepreneur with a love of design and a desire to become involved in upliftment projects for women from disadvantaged communities. This was the start of a burgeoning business. Myang runs a small design studio and production facility in Port Elizabeth, where it presently employs 5 full-time staff. A further 6 part-time employees are given materials and training to create a range of handmade clothing and toys for the Myang label at their homes. This allows them to continue caring for their families, whilst earning an income. Myang continues to develop its local talent and skills as it seeks new markets – a key part of achieving the dreams and aspirations of all involved.


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