Get to know the Artist behind SMITH JEWELLERY Anna Raimondo

When I first met Anna Raimondo in one of Cape Town’s bohemian Coffees at Woodstock Exchange, I knew that she belonged to those young and talented South African designers that are evolving everywhere. I had the pleasure to view most of her pieces that day. She enjoyed explaining her items in detail. I realised her approach was more of an architect who focused on the artistic and the functionality of her product.

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However her work method is opposed of that of an architect. As she revealed in her detailed interview for Cirque Magazine, she doesn´t have technical drawings that dictate every step of her jewellery design. Anna’s ideas tend to go straight from her brain to her bench. She doesn´t work with pen and paper. Whenever she has an idea she just plays with the metal and sees what she gets out of it. Only for symmetrical designs she uses her computer which she will print and uses as a template. Nonetheless Anna Raimondo has an incredible eye for detail and all things beautiful.


She seems to love the romantic of imperfections of handmade piece, by human being with flaws and passions of their own. Her goal is not to do perfect jewellery she wants to make art pieces. Every SMITH piece is 100% hand crafted by Anna herself, ensuring that no two pieces are the same.

Based in South Africa’s Design capital Cape Town, Anna creates unique sterling silver, brass and copper jewellery, for both men and women. Her collections span an assortment of styles, from bold and geometric to natural and organic. Her range at Dubaruba include the Gilt Disk Earring, one of our best seller, the Tribal Gild Eaaring, the Moroccan Silver Earring and many more.

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  1. Anna says:

    Hi Andrea,

    I wanted to play with the term’s jewellerysmith, metalsmith, silversmith and goldsmith. By not using my name as my brand name it allows me to stay a little more anonymous and play with the design I create.


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