The DUBARUBA Manifesto

Ensuring high-quality individual items made in Africa, made by Africans, or inspired and influenced by Africa

Our products are selected carefully by our team. We will ensure that every product meets our high standards. In addition, we guarantee (where applicable) that the products you purchase from DUBARUBA are unique items, items that you will not find everywhere — as the vast majority of them are.

Empowering the talented young designers in Africa and supporting small and home-grown producers

One of the main intentions behind DUBARUBA is to support the nascent production sector in Africa, which has not played a major role for many years, due to the high costs and challenges of competing on the international market. Due to a lack of infrastructure and technical resources, Africa is not able to produce its products as cheaply as many Asian countries. Nevertheless, DUBARUBA intends to support this crucial aspect of economic life as the only way to enable development.

Making sure that no producer or employee is marginalized working for DUBARUBA

Most of our designers and producers are not certified fair trade because of the high certification and administration costs that are required. However, our frequent appearances at the workshops make sure that no worker or producer is marginalized while producing the products we offer on our platform. Producers that violate our rules to grant every worker fair payment and treatment will be suspended from DUBARUBA.

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