Dubaruba is open, come in!

Dubaruba is open!

After months of research and lots of travelling throughout Africa, Dubaruba, the online platform for passionately made and high quality contemporary African products is open for its audience. The platform is launching with around 130 products from 14 designers. We are offering accessories, jewelleries or food products like Chocolate from Divine Chocolate, the only Fair-trade chocolate company which is 45% owned by cocoa farmers in Ghana or world’s best coffee from Ethiopia, that is roasted and packaged in Ethiopia which increases Ethiopia’s role in the value adding process.

Most of the products are unique handmade items that come from small producers. Some have already attained a modicum of renown in their respective countries or internationally and have become the darlings of international stars like Solange Knowles , while others are new or have not yet been discovered internationally but are ready to be discovered.

During our journey we met nearly all the designers and artist that are presented on Dubaruba in person. Their stories and intentions are as fascinating as their creative and vibrant designs and items. The time was overwhelming and at the same time informative. We were pleasantly surprised to discover so many trendy, smart and high quality products.

You will spot that many of our products are from South Africa, particularly from Capetonian designers. Given that Cape Town is the world design capital 2014 we prioritized to introduce products and designers from the town. However more exciting products from other African countries and designers are to come in the near future.

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