Wo geht das Dubaruba Geld hin?

Dubaruba wurde vor einem Jahr, mit dem Ziel afrikanisches Design und Produktion in den Fokus zu stellen, gegründet. Nicht nur die Produkte sollten abseits des Afrika-Klischees ansprechend sein, sondern wichtig ist, dass Dubaruba-Käufer die Ware aus Wertschätzung und Liebe erwerben und auf gar keinen Fall aus Mitleid für Afrika oder für die Menschen. Dennoch ist […]

Tour de l’Autriche

Six weeks before Christmas we are touring Austria to present our products live to our interested customers. The kick-off event is this weekend at the popular Viennese design market Feschmarkt, which is organized by two incredible women Katrin Hoffmann and Barbara Daxböck. This time over 180 young creatives and designers from Austria and the neighboring […]

Get to know Kenya

Kenya is the biggest and most advanced economy in east and central Africa. The country is mostly known for its tea and tourism industry. However East and Central Africa’s biggest economy has posted tremendous growth in the service sector, mainly boosted by rapid expansion in telecommunication industry. Kenya is the birthplace of mobile money. The […]

What we have discovered on our journey in Africa

Our February/March tour to Africa started this time in South Africa where the country is celebrating its 20 years of democracy. The end of Apartheid in South Africa is one of the success stories of the continent. Despite the remaining inequality in the society the country is transforming and alleviating poverty and enabling the uplifting […]