Go nuts with Contemporary African Design!

Ashanti Design is a Cape Town based home-ware and accessories brand that has been working closely with different artisans and crafts all over Africa for more than ten years. Situated on the vibrant suburb of Woodstock in Cape Town the company is a crucial part of the emerging South African design scene.

By tapping into the honed skills and traditions of rural artisans from Madagascar, Malawi, Kenya and Mauritius, Ashanti are able to stock their shelves with a range of products that capture the distinct and vibrant aesthetic of the African sub-continent.

Each item in their range of textiles, baskets, home-ware and accessories is handcrafted using local, responsibly sourced materials and techniques culturally unique to each region. Ashanti fabric is rag woven in East Africa. It’s made from offcuts of cotton from the garment industries and is turned into high end hand woven textiles on traditional African hardwood Hugh looms. The fabric is 100% recycled and hand crafted.

One of their most famous products is the Beanbag: Each bean bag is carefully handcrafted and has a unique, inimitable thumbprint, so no two bean bags are quite alike, but in all cases, their vibrant colours and artistry reflect the customs, culture and an outlook of the people who weave them. The eclectic mix of natural fibres and modern fabric off-cuts, makes this material totally unique to the team of weavers.


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