DUBARUBA is a platform for the finest contemporary African and Africa-inspired products.

There are several designers and artists on the African continent whose works display great prudence, courage and vitality. DUBARUBA is a celebration of this vast and diverse universe of African designers, artists, and brands. It pays tribute to the creativity of young talented designers and artists, most of whom are undiscovered by the world at large.

The name DUBARUBA comes from a village located a few miles south of the Eritrean capital of Asmera. The name was chosen in honor of all African countries where the products are from or influenced by. Therefore all items are labeled with the flag and the name of the country to cherish the products of origin.

The products presented on DUBARUBA are carefully selected by the DUBARUBA team. Most of the products are unique handmade items that come from small producers. Some have already attained a modicum of renown in their respective countries or internationally, while others are new or have not yet been discovered internationally but are ready to be discovered.

The slogan “I am from Africa” refers to the designers and products who are promoted by DUBARUBA. Our logo, the flag turquoise, white and black symbolizes our commitment to promote designers and brands from Africa (turquoise), our duty to protect and respect our producers and customers (white) and our determination to boost production in Africa (black).